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Since the word raw is not legally defined or regulated, food manufacturers can market pasteurized, baked, and/or boiled foods as “raw”

The scam of raw almonds in America is one such example.

When you dig deeper, you will find that many brands of “raw” cacao products actually admit to heating them for a short period of time, anywhere from 180 °F to 220 °F, to reduce the bitter flavor.

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Technically, the difference between them is that cocoa should be made with roasted beans, while cacao is either raw or made with very low temperatures.

However when it comes to nibs, both are usually in reference to the same thing .

both are usually in reference to the same thing

Because cacao is a less familiar word, some brands will label their cacao nibs as cocoa nibs, even when they’re made using fermentation and low temperatures that qualify as raw.

A few brands though use it to describe something entirely different. Ghirardelli’s “Intense Dark Cocoa Nibs” bar is regular sugar-sweetened chocolate and milk fat, with a few nibs mixed in.

Unlike cacao, chocolate is not raw or even close to it . In order to make true cocoa, which is what chocolate chips and bars are made out from, the beans are heated at high temperatures and then finely ground to make a powder or liquor.

Unlike cacao, chocolate is not raw or even close to it

Despite the name, there is no alcohol in chocolate liquor.

The closest thing to cacao chips will be unsweetened chocolate chips. They don’t have the added sugar and some don’t have added milk, dairy, or other flavors like vanilla. The only difference between them is that the chocolate chips were made using traditional heat-processed cocoa, unlike the nibs which use fermented beans that haven’t been ground.

To add further confusion, some brands use the cacao term for 100% cocoa , even though it’s not raw. As with the word raw, these terms are not legally defined so there is not an “official” definition of each.

Whatever you want to call them, the only mainstream brand that sells 100% unsweetened chips is Pascha. You can find them at Whole Foods and similar stores or get them on Amazon .

Your typical dark chocolate bar will only be 50-70% cocoa , with the rest being sweeteners and dairy (or vegan equivalents). Very few brands sell 85% concentrations and above.

Your typical dark chocolate bar will only be 50-70% cocoa

Alter Eco and Theo sell organic dark bars that are 85% cocoa and dairy-free. Endangered Species and Chocolove Extreme have similar with 88% but they’re non-organic. Equal Exchange is organic.

It shrugs off a few trends too. There’s a headphone jack, now a baffling rarity in new and expensive phones, and no notch.

The most important change since the S8+ is a 2x zoom camera on the back, bringing it in line with the iPhone X . Samsung also followed Apple with its AR Emojis , but like a middle-aged uncle suddenly getting into grime music, it’s all faintly embarrassing.

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Pros: Great value, advanced features Cons: Little wrong with it at the price

Apple and Samsung smashed through the smartphone price ceiling in 2017. The Honor 9 is a reminder that spending £1,000 on a phone is completely unnecessary for most people.

At £279, it crams-in a rather unlikely amount of tech, beating what Samsung, LG and even the Moto series offer at the price. That includes a high-end CPU, 64GB of storage and a great 5.2-inch screen.

A dual rear camera also has a crack at the 2x lossless zooming the iPhone 7 Plus made mainstream in 2016. It’s not quite as effective, but at half the price we’re lucky to get such features at all. An ultra-shiny glass and metal finish completes the Honor 9’s successful impersonation of a £500-plus phone.

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Pros: The most desirable phone around Cons: Extremely expensive

One of this year’s big tech questions: do you love or hate “the notch”? This is the display cut-out the iPhone X ’s new ultra-narrow screen surround leaves at the top of the 5.8in display.

It’s the first major iPhone redesign in what feels like a lifetime. A lot of what was comfortable and familiar about Apple’s phones has been dumped, but there are exciting new features, too.

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Rather than using a fingerprint scanner, you unlock the phone using your face. And the ultra-smart rear dual camera array can fake studio lighting and backgrounds even if you’re just shooting outside your house.

That many are most excited about the iPhone X’s animated poo emojis says a lot about how well Apple is still tuned into the state of the world. But, hey, that’s the world we’ve made.

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Pros: Superb hardware Cons: Little progress since the S8

The best soundbars for any budget in 2018


Samsung didn’t make too many ground-breaking changes in the Galaxy S9. If you already own a Galaxy S8 , this is an upgrade you can skip.

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STEMosaur: #1 Smart Toy for Kids
Smart companions that engage kids in interactive play while building coding and engineering skills!
Project Owner
New York City, United States
1 Campaign
$187,782 USD total funds raised
funded on November 20, 2017
Production Stage
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Meet STEMosaur: The customizable smart toy that doubles as a learning tool for kids. From telling jokes to providing answers to questions in a range of subjects, STEMosaur provides educational and kid-friendly fun for the whole family. STEMosaur is also equipped with an easy-to-use coding panel that allows children to learn coding basics and code content into their very own toy!
Production Stage
Learn more

STEMosaur is a family-friendly smart toy that engages kids with science, technology, engineering, mathematics and coding-basics in a new and fun way. We are changing the way kids learn forever!

Learning begins with a hands-on construction exercise that allows children to understand and enjoy the process of assembling their STEMosaur. Once assembled, STEMosaur is immediately capable of holding conversation, telling jokes, and playing games that inspire imagination and creativity.

STEMosaur engages users with kid-friendly content that is educational and fun. Kids can play games with their STEMosaur, ask it endless questions and even try meditation. As kids get older, their STEMosaur will grow with them, adapting to their unique learning level to ensure that they are consistently challenged on a wide range of subjects.

With STEMosaur, our team focused on finding the perfect intersection between having fun with your kids and actively helping them learn important skills such an coding, engineering and more. Being actively engaged and having fun while learning has a positive effect on motivation levels, determining what we learn and how much we retain from those experiences. Learning isn’t a one-way street. It requires repetition, motivationand dedication.

STEMosaur is ideal for kids ages 7 and up, but younger children can also enjoy STEMosaur’s educational benefits with the help of a grown-up. The toy is fun for the whole family, engaging parents and kids alike in interactive STEM learning.

Everything from STEMosaur’s simple assembly instructions to its built-in coding kit are made especially for kids, creating a multi-dimensional learning experience that helps children to develop positive associations with STEM subjects right from the beginning.

Our creative team here at CogniToys, along with our network of educators, keeps educational learning fresh and exciting through our ever-growing content base sothe fun never ends.

STEMosaur automatically receives updates through its cloud-based software on a weekly basis. No additional action is required for these updates by the parent or child. All you need to do is connect your STEMosaur to Wi-Fi during the initial setup of your toy.

On average, kids ask more than 300 questions per day. STEMosaur helps to satisfy this endless curiosity by engaging users in intuitive conversation, as well as reinforcing conversational confidence. This interactive smart toy can answer all kinds of questions on subjects like math, science, geography and astronomy so kids can learn while they play.

As your child learns and grows, so does their buddy! STEMosaur can advance with the learning curve of your child so content remains relevant, engaging and age appropriate. It’s like having your own personal tutor to learn from and play with—ensuring a positive educational experience at all times.

From its very first interaction, STEMosaur teaches children fundamental engineering principles. Through the toy’s construction kit, STEMosaur makes learning about engineering and construction an exciting and rewarding experience.

Set-up is easy with our kid-friendly construction guide. With the help of an adult, your STEMosaur will be up and roaring in no time!

Research has shown that STEM education at an early age nurtures critical thinking skills and lifelong civic engagement, regardless of future career paths and education plans. These lifelong benefits are reinforced by STEMosaur, a playtime buddy that gets your child excited about discovering STEM subjects, like coding.

STEMosaur’s coding panel enables kids to code content into their very own toy. By enforcing correct engagements, the panel helps children to figure out what they are doing wrong if they make mistakes—allowing for trial and error in a fun and friendly way.

STEMosaur’s easy-to-use coding panel teaches graphical programming and computational fluency while allowing kids to unleash their creativity and program their STEMosaur to tell unique jokes and new stories of their own making.

When kids apply the code they’ve created to their STEMosaur , they are rewarded with new conversations and possibilities—providing early learners with the perfect way to stay engaged and excited about education!

The parent panel makes it easy for parents to be a part of the learning journey every step of the way. This secure, web-based dashboard provides insights into what kind of questions kids are asking their STEMosaur, and even enables adults to customize bedtime settings and monitor usage patterns.

Parents can also play a part in their child’s education by contributing to the development of STEMosaur by submitting content ideas and other recommendations through the parent panel.

STEMosaur is powered by Elemental Path’s proprietary Friendgine technology - the only A.I. built specifically for kids.

User experience is enhanced by features such as:

Meet the DINOmite team that developed STEMosaur! These learning lovers and toy-building experts put their heads together to bring this conversational, fun and educational toy and its “Friendgine” technology to kids and their families everywhere.

Thanks to the support of people like you, STEMosaur is already in production. Here's a quick look behind the scenes at our new packaging. Our creative team at CogniToys thought long and hard before creating the final version you see below, so we hope you love it as much as we do!

What is the recommended age range for STEMosaur?

We recommend STEMosaur for kids aged 7 and up. However, with the help of an adult, a child younger than 7 will also enjoy the toy.

Do I need to be connected to wifi to use my STEMosaur?

Yes, you need to be connected to wifi when you are using your STEMosaur. However, once your toy is set up it will stay connected to your home network so you don't have to go through the process of connecting your STEMosaur all over again.

Via app - available via iOS and Android

What are the STEMosaur'sdimensions?

5.5” L x 4” W x 7” H

How much does it weigh?

Approx. 1lb

Is my STEMosaur listening even when my child isn’t playing with it?

No! A child must press the toy’s Belly button in order for it to be capable of listening. So if you’re speaking while STEMosaur is in the room, but no one is holding the button, the toy will not pick up on anything being said.

How does my child gain access to new content?

Every week our in-house content team sends new content via over-the-air-updates that will update automatically when a child turns on their STEMosaur. No additional action is required for these updates by the parent or child. We regularly add new stories, jokes, games, and more to keep the toy interesting.

Does STEMosaur speak any other languages?

Currently, STEMosaur only speaks and understands English.

*STEMosaur also caters for variances in accent via our speech recognition software e.g. British, Australian, etc.

Can two or more kids share one STEMosaur?

Absolutely! STEMosaur makes playtime fun for everyone. However, please keep in mind that STEMosaur cannot differentiate between voices and only retains information for a single user.

What will the STEMosaur do if a child asks an inappropriate question or uses profanity?

“It’s not polite to say that!” - Our child-friendly filters ensure each and every STEMosaur protects kids from content that is unsuitable and inappropriate.

What is the Parent Panel?

The Parent Panel is a secure, log-in only dashboard where parents can view learning metrics, edit account settings and access the coding panel. In the not so distant future parents will also be able to add additional product features through the parent panel.

Do CogniToys collect kids’ data? How safe is the toy?

Privacy is our top priority. We collect only the information necessary to improve the overall play experience. For example, when kids ask questions the STEMosaur doesn’t know, our content team receives an anonymized report to ensure that answers for these questions are added in the future. Data obtained from children is only retained for the amount of time necessary to improve the STEMosaur play experience. It is then deleted, though the statistical analysis remains. Parents can always remove all data collected at any point by resetting the toy through the CogniToys App. We do not sell any information, whether child-generated or received from parents, to 3rd parties.

Does my child need to know how to code to use the coding panel?

No - no previous coding experience is required to use and enjoy the coding panel. The coding panel is easy to navigate and contains instructions and examples to help kids learn how to code content into their very own STEMosaur.

Does my child need access to a computer to use the coding panel?

Yes, a computer with working wifi is required to access the coding panel.

The coding panel can be accessed through the parent panel.

How difficult is it to construct STEMosaur?

Kids can build their STEMosaur from scratch with help from the construction guide included.However, STEMosaur is a toy for the whole family and we encourage parents to actively engage in the construction and use of STEMosaur.

Is it easy to connect STEMosaur to WiFi?

If you have any trouble we have easy to follow guides and videos on our website.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. Shipping costs vary depending on the country, but we do ship internationally.

Does STEMosaur come with any other voices?

We plan to allow a child to choose a custom voice for their STEMosaur from the coding panel.*This feature may be rolled out after our Indiegogo campaign.

What will my child learn from their STEMosaur?

In addition to engineering and coding, STEMosaur helps kids learn everything from math and science to geography and history. Our experienced content team also send out weekly updates with new and relevant content to ensure your STEMosaur gets smarter with every update. You can also learn more about how to play with your STEMosauron the Commands page on our website.

Does STEMosaur come in any other colors?

Not right now.

Can STEMosaur be taken apart once built?

To avoid excessive wear and tear we do not recommend that STEMosaur be taken apart once assembled.

Do you have helpful advice on how to troubleshoot?

We have many ways for you to learn about your STEMosaur - from the FAQ section on our website to our friendly customer service team who can be contacted at [email protected] . Be sure to also check out the Quick Start Guide included to learn more about what your CogniToy is doing.

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